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Archive for December, 2009

bareFTP 0.3.0 Released

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

About one year after the first public release of bareFTP, version 0.3.0 is finally here.
Development was a bit slow during summer, but speeded up nicely the last couple of months.

bareFTP 0.3.0 is now available as a tarball. Packages for various distros will follow.

This release fixes a few nasty bugs preventing people to use sftp, and a great number of smaller fixes to the behaviour towards certain ftp servers. A cache is now enabled for remote file lists. This should speed up browsing remote sites back and forth.

A major change in this release is the ssh/sftp implementation. bareFTP now uses openSSH, and
this means bareFTP is much less CPU intensive when doing sftp transfers. This change also introduces the first C library in bareFTP. To communicate with the sftp subsystem bareFTP makes use of a library based on pty-sharp.

If built with support for Gnome Keyring (requires gnome-kering-sharp) bareFTP can now optionally
store bookmark passwords in the default Gnome Keyring.

New features

  • New ssh implementation using local openssh
  • Optional password storage in Gnome Keyring
  • Bookmark backup/restore
  • Remember scroll position when going to parent directory
  • Possibility to do multiple ftp transfers simultaneously
  • Enable remote directory listing cache
  • Resizeable column widths in file views
  • Transfer progress displayed in window title when minimized
  • Auto reconnect on ftp session timeout

Other improvements

  • Better GUI responsiveness
  • More keybindings (actually working this time)
  • Some GUI improvements for better appearence on some themes
  • New translations: Polish
  • New dependecies
    bareFTP now depends on gnome-keyring-sharp by default. It can still be built without this dependency by using --without-gnome-keyring with configure.

    Bugs fixed
    #23 – Can’t delete multiple folders at once
    #24 – Refresh option
    #25 – Cannot log in using SFTP
    #26 – exception entering a folder named “{”
    #27 – multiple transfer setting


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