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bareFTP 0.3.7 released

Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 00:23

bareFTP 0.3.7 is here. It fixes several bugs reported since the 0.3.6 release, and adds a synchronized browse capability.

New features
Synchronized browsing (#45). A new “Tools” menu item as been added, and “Synchronized browsing” is so far the one and only tool in the menu. Use this if you have a similar directory layout local and remote, and want bareFTP to change directory simultaniously on the remote/local side as you browse your directories.

Synchronized browse

Bugs fixed

  • #51 – BareFTP throw exception when dragging file from a folder containing accent
  • #49 – (partly fixed) After disconnect still asking if user wants to disconnect
  • #48 – Bookmark doesn’t remember locations
  • #47 – Creating a new folder on FTP server results in exception
  • #46 – ESC will not cancel transfer in File Operations
  • #53 – (partly fixed)BareFTP crashed renaming file
  • …and a few smaller issues..

New translations
Slovak (sk)

Updated translations
pt_BR, fr, nb, es, ca,

  1. jEsuSdA 8) says:

    Nice Job!

    BareFTP is a great FTP Client!

    I hope soon it gains a litte more stability, but for now it is great.

    Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)

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